Insurance Investigations

False Disability Claims (Workers Compensation): Workers Compensation laws are intended to protect employees who get hurt in the workplace, and often times the employers are taken advantage of and the alleged injured employee winds up being entitled to a large portion of their monthly salaries. When this happens, it costs insurance companies and the general public over 60 billion dollars every year. These laws are a vital part to the stability of our society. We have no problem providing our clients with evidence of such employees that are faking their disability in order to maintain their standard of living while doing less work! Oursuccess in revealing these people who lie about the severity of their injuries and continue to do strenuous activity are relieving employers and taxpayers of funding a healed person's extended vacation. If you have such an employee, give us a call to start an investigation.

General Insurance Fraud: in most cases not everyone is totally honest with insurance companies, therefore, investigations are an absolute necessity for any insurer. We bring to the table over 30 years of investigation experience concerning property and persons crimes, knowledge of the law, and most of all, a keen attention to detail to every insurance case we handle. Without this type of experience into questionable claims, many cases are either unfounded or written off causing insurance rates to soar. Millions of dollars are lost every year due to fraudulent claims. Give us a call and let our expertise in surveillance, video taping and interviewing get the answers and clues you need to keep you from losing any more money.

Vehicle Accidents: The latest figures showed that there were nearly 7 million auto accidents in the United States last year. The financial costs of these crashes were more than 230 billion dollars. Over 3 million people were injured and approximately 43,000 people killed. This amounts to 1,230 people dying every day in vehicle accidents in the U.S. - that's one every 12 minutes. Among all South Carolina motor vehicle accident deaths, about 70% were due to roadway departures, 21% were intersection related, 10% fatalities in crashes involving large trucks, and 90 non-motorists (pedestrians + cyclists). If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a car crash, you are not alone. Litigation may be the only way to receive the damages to which you may be entitled, such as medical and health care bills, lost or diminished wages, and financial compensation to family in the case of death. We work hard with attorneys that specialize in this field, and our experience in investigating vehicular accidents for over 30 years can be an asset to your claim.

Personal Accidents: These typs of accidents can happen to anyone and the most common type of accident injuries are the ones that are caused in vehicle accidents, in the workplace, and in general public places - such as fall and tripping accidents. When the accident was the fault of someone else, the victim is entitled to receive compensation for the injury suffered as a result of negligence. Even minor injuries caused during an accident will be compensated if it has been proven that the victim is not responsible for the accidnt. A claim is usually filed against the insurance policy of the party responsible for the accident. Don't be a victim to such false claims. Give us a call to start an investigation.

Domestic and Family Investigations

Video Surveillance: Is your spouse or loved one being unfaithful? Do you suspect infidelity, adultery or suspect them of having an affair? With an extensive background in conducting covert operations, and undercover electronic monitoring, we know how to set up surveillances and catch people doing exactly what they do not want their employer, spouse or a judge to know, especially when deception is involved. Suspicion is a terrible feeling, and often countered by denial that you can neither prove nor disprove. Surveillance services are often used to uncover corporate fraud and discover the truth and find out for sure whether your suspicions are fact or fiction. Surveillances can be dangerous and are not recommended for amateurs. We are trained in unobtrustive shadowing, covert operations and undercover electronic monitoring. Give us a call for a much safer option if you need answers.

Child Custody: Are you the best suited parent or guardian? We can help you prove it by gathering the evidence you need to support your claim in court with indefensible evidence. Battling for child custody can be one of the most painful experiences any parent or guardian can ever endure. In most cases misrepresentation and false allegations occur in court in order to retain custody of their children. It is the sad truth that a convincing liar is often granted custody of children at the expense of loving and responsible parents. Do not step into court without sufficient evidence to make your case by revealing the truth. Professional court testimony is always helpful and often prevails.

Personal Protection Services: Mr. Blackwood has had the honor and privilege to work on security forces protecting past presidents - Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush Sr. and George W. Bush Jr.,- and other dignitaries such as Prince Charles, members of the presidential cabinets, celebrities such as Dale Earnhart, Isaiah Thomas, and many other sports and musical celebrities during their visits to the Low Country. If you feel personal protection is warranted or needed for a visit, appointment or a meeting of any sort, give us a call. We are licensed, trained and armed to conduct such protection.

Nanny Checks: For many parents, the use of day care or hiring a nanny is unavoidable. As a loving and caring parent, you have the right to be concerned about the well being of your children, and you deserve the peace of mind that only a background check can give you insuring that a nanny or child care provider is not a former sex offender. Don't write off your suspicions as paranoia. The only way to reassure yourself is to find out the most telling facts about their previous criminal record, their training and former babysitting experience and any other relevant information that you, as a parent, should know.

Missing Persons: Looking to find a lost loved one, an old friend or even a family member you have lost touch with over time? Blackwood Investigations Agency can provide full skip-tracing services to help locate these individual through databases containing billions of records, and advanced internet searches. We can locate debtors and witnesses throughout South Carolina and nationwide. If you are trynig to locate someone and have exhausted all of your means, let us help. If your need is legitimate, we are available to assist you.

GPS Tracking: We use a wide variety of electronic and other forms of surveillance through the use of sophisticaled satelling tracking devices. Gloal Positioning Satellite (GPS) is very effective in establishing the trends of the places that the accused visits without detection or interrupting their patterns of deceptive behaviors. Since most affairs only last six months to a year, they often end without your knowledge. Time is of the essence, so don't wait to prove your case, it may be too late. A professional private investigator will help to get you solid evidence for court.

Corporate Investigations

Pre-Employment Screening: Background investigations are quickly becoming a necessity in our society. Employers can now be held liable for their employee's actions if it is shown that they did not make the effort to carefully screen their employees prior to hiring. We provide a variety of affordable background pacakges depending on your needs. These include criminal histories, drivers records, judgments, lien searches, credit reports, SSN traces, and much more.

Company / Inventory Theft: For over three decades, Mr. Blackwood has worked for agencies and private citizens detecting property theft. Retailers lose over $46 billion dollars annually to inventory shrinkage caused by employee theft, shoplifting, vendor fraud and administrative erros. Inventory shrinkage still remains the single largest category or larceny in the US, more than motor vehicle theft, bank robbery and household burglary combined. These retail losses impact everyone. Ultimately, we the consumers are hurt the most in the form of increased prices. An analytical approach can provide a valuable understanding of the cause of your inventory shrinkage and help you to develop loss prevention measures that will more effectively address your issues.

Identity Theft: A professional theft can assume your identity in just a few hours, and it can take years for you to restore your own identity and restore your credit. This growing crime affects young and old and costs thousands of dollars in the quest to clear a good name and credit record. Get the experts on your side.

Security + Spy Cam Installations: Going on vacation and leaving the local law enforcement to make periodical stops to check your home or office and you still don't feel 100% safe? Be proactive and analyze your home or office as a burglar would. Spy Cams operate 24 hours a day as opposed to those frequent stops, if any, the local law enforcement will make. Home and office security is more than locks and alarms. If a burglar can get close to your house or office without being detected, he has more time to enter without being noticed. Statistics show that 90% of all illegal entries are made through a door. Spy Cam equipment can play an important part in your security plan or in catching theives in the act.  

Legal Investigations

Criminal Investigations: Do you or your law firm need assistance in finding evidence, locating witnesses, verifying alibis or any other criminal investigative task? We perform these tasks 24 hours per day with a specialty in criminal investigations. Mr. Blackwood has worked for three decades in all aspects of the criminal system. We take pride in our work ethic and giving each client efficient and professional services to get the job done.

Juror Backgrounds: One fundamental foundation of the criminal justice system in the United States is the right to a trial by jury. Can this duty be taken for granted? Can you expect to get a fair trial if you feel you have the "best and the brightest" potential jurors -- only later to find that they furnished inaccurate information about their backgrounds while filling out their questionnaire. Many potential jurors have failed to mention their arrest records on their court-required questionnaire and are generally from the surrounding community. The goal of every good trial lawyer is to select an impartial jury and to prevent a potential juror who they suspect may harbor some bias or prejudice against their client. Jury research has become more common in recent years. Let us assist you and your attorney with expert assistance in completing criminal background checks to determine whether potential jurors have arrest records and remove them from possibly sending you to jail.

Process Services: Mr. Blackwood is well known in his local and surrounding community and is experienced in serving legal documents efficiently and without incident. All services are performed in accordance with the law, so that your case - whether it is a summons, complaint, subpoena, writs, or other document - is served personally or to a responsible party in the same household or business. All services are then accompanied with a notarized Affadavit of Service, as proof that the documents were served. Ask us about our same day and immediate rush services.

Notary Public: Mr. Blackwood has been reposed special trust and confidence in the ability, care, and prudence, and has been commissioned by the state of South Carolina a Notary Public for over 30 years. Performing marriages and powers, invested in him, has been useful to those in need of his services.

Pre-Paid Legal Services: Mr. Blackwood is licensed in South Carolina to sell pre-paid legal services to protect you and your family.